Undefined Useful Objects (UUO)

are a set of prizes given annually to the most culture friendly companies, enterpreneurs or individuals in Estonia.


The prizes are given by the Cultural Ministry of Estonia.

Every item has a glowing element inside and the structure of the object mimics moss cells.


Year 2012 - 2018


Concept, design, development: Kärt Ojavee in collaboration with Arhitekt Must (Larissa Kondina).

Commissioner: Cultural Ministry of Estonia


A prize design for the best enterpreneur of Estonia,

given annually by EAS (Enterprise Estonia).


Year 2014 - 2018


Design and concept development: Kärt Ojavee in collaboration

with Larissa Kondina (for 2014) and Sille Pihlak (for 2016 - 2018)

Commissioner: Enterprise Estonia (EAS)

KO/JU creative textile studio / www.kojustudio.com

info@kojustudio.com  +372 5265956

Tallinn, Estonia