NO FUN is a design brand by Johanna Ulfsak, which is focused on developing limited editions of textile related objects.

The collection of eight rugs is an expression of a far-raging fascination with popular culture and an investigation into the influence of the 20th century art on contemporary spaces.

The household names Yves, Kazimir, Salvador, Valie, Piet1, Piet2, Clyfford and Vitsoris are materialized into objects of an interior.

NO FUN RUGS are individually produced in Europe.

Materials: New-Zeland wool and Tencel

Sizes: varies from small to extra large

Photography: Paul Kuimet & Anu Vahtra

PIET2 130x160cm New-Zealand wool and Tencel

NO FUN RUGS pirate showroom in Paris Deco Off 2018

VALIE 160x180cm 100% New-Zealand wool

KAZIMIR 150x250cm  New-Zealand wool and Tencel

PIET1  90x120cm New-Zealand woold and Tencel

SALVADOR 200x250cm  New-Zealand wool and Tencel

YVES 180x230cm New-Zealand wool and Tencel

KO/JU creative textile studio /  +372 5265956

Tallinn, Estonia