In 2015 we were asked to develop and design a smart textile for the foyer of the Rakvere Smart House (now used by Rakvere City Govenment). The house is built as a first public near-zero-energy bulding in Estonia that utilizes different building automisation technologies and has been engineered from start to finish using BIM methodology. Different sustainable energy sources are used for the heating  of the building. 


The fabric had to be translucent, yet visible, letting in the natural light. 

We designed a ten meter long textile textile that is hand woven of two layers. One layer consists of optical fiber and polyamide and the second double-weave layer of various fibers and yarns, like linen that is a local material from Baltic region, reflective yarn that is reflecting the lights from outside, glow-in-the-dark yarns that glow slightly when its dark and a selection of coated polyester yarns in different tones of gray that form a wavey layer and mimic the graphic shapes of trees.

Optical fibers that are woven as one of the layers, are programmed to glow light depending on the internet use in the house, though the textile is tested with various prgrams of moving light. 

Year: 2015 - 2016


Concept, design and development:

Kärt Ojavee and Johanna Ulfsak

Electronics and programming: Jaan Rebane 

Photos: Tõnu Tunnel


KO/JU creative textile studio /  +372 5265956

Tallinn, Estonia