This textile consists of 100% recycled plastic, containing approximately 500 plastic bottles. On average, 300 million tons of plastics are produced globally each year.

From that amount 10-20 million tons of material end up in the ocean annually. Recovering plastic from the waste for recycling has the potential to reduce the problems that our environment and ecosystem are facing.
Approximately 268,940 tons of plastics are currently floating in the world’s oceans. 

70% of the mass eventually sinks, damaging life on the seabed and while breaking down in smaller and smaller debris over time, it becomes part of the living organisms. The rest floats in open seas, forming garbage patches.

Year: 2015 - 2016


Concept, desig and development: Kärt Ojavee and Johanna Ulfsak

Installing and finishing: Krista Rambak

KO/JU creative textile studio / www.kojustudio.com

info@kojustudio.com  +372 5265956

Tallinn, Estonia